by Lauren Huyser

There’s an army. It has thousands of soldiers with weapons that can pierce like words can destroy. The soldiers are strong. Watch your actions when crossing. After the army there’s a stone wall covered in thorny vines. Underneath the vines, hidden somewhere, is a gate. The gate is open. On the other side of this wall and gate there is a field. This field has mines. The mines are set off by the slightest harsh step. It takes gentleness and patience to cross. Tread carefully. Once over the field, there is another wall which is smooth and has sharp wire across the top, and thorny roses along the bottom, growing up. There is a heavy door which will open with the key being love. Inside this wall is a garden. It goes deep and flourishes on living water. There are flowers and blooms that one can only dream of. Trees grow tall and stable, almost never wavering. The ground is covered in soft moss. It is magnificent. In the center of this garden is a stone cavern. The cavern unlocks with a key. I will not speak of this key because I myself do not know what it is. But inside this cavern you will find the sweetest, most beautiful and cherished thing. It is my crystal heart. Do not break it. You can not own it, but only hold it gently in your hands. God owns it. He will allow you to have none. Be careful it does not shatter. For then more and more obstacles will guard it each time it must be mended. Love it. Honor it. Let God own it and you yourself will be safe.