by Lauren Huyser

I feel like no one understands the sin behind actions and words and thoughts. It makes me so sad to see the perverseness in it all. Every day going to school and wondering if it will always be this way. I wish I were a child again. Where everything was simple. I miss the sunshine and the laughter of simple joy. It makes me wonder if anyone sees beauty anymore. Does anyone care? We’re all falling away from everything good and right. It hurts. Everyone I know seems to only notice the material things and worthless amusements. I wish people would see more meaning behind life. I wish that the world would wake up and realize that there WILL come a day when everything will be gone. And that instead of wasting the time we have, we should be making the most of it and appreciate the importance of things not taken seriously. I’m saddened by the hate and destruction that is ever present. My heart breaks not knowing if anyone really notices that everything is fading. Oh the words stupidity and mundane cannot express enough what it is like. I feel so disconnected. Separate from everything and everyone around me. I feel it all falling apart. Friendships, dreams, seriousness. Everything has become a joke. I wish I were surrounded by people who cared, rather than people who just stood by pointing and laughing. I feel like I’m missing out on so much, because I’m being held back by people and circumstances. I’m so behind, yet so far ahead. I’m tired of the ridicule and low spirits. Again I ask, does anyone care? Probably not. And until I meet someone who does, I shall be brokenhearted at the everyday cruelty and questionable details.