by Lauren Huyser

It’s rushing beneath her skin.
Filling her breaths and making them heavy.
She can’t control it.
Wanting so much more she dives forth.
It gathers her in its embrace.
She needs him to be alongside.
Where is she being taken?
Why can’t she understand?
Doesn’t she know that it’s changing?
She gulps it down and swallows through the density.
He watches her, gazes with desire and fascination.
She is lost, swept forth, taken with it.
It gathers speed, billowing within her.
Flowing swiftly and with strength it moves her.
He runs with it, following her, wanting to seize her.
She can’t stop.
He doesn’t falter and eagerly persists.
It carries her fast, exploding inside and wrapping around.
Will she care?
Hasn’t she been there before?
It is familiar to her.
She studies it carefully, intently.
Noticing its frailties, she bends it.
It moves within her, aching, yearning.
She reaches for him, they clasp.
He cradles her whilst it lifts them.
It settles around them.
Filling them, they become unified.
Their lips touch.
It’s rushing beneath their skin.