by Lauren Huyser

It’s that feeling in your feet like you need to run.
That ache through your legs pulling you, urging you to go.
The knocking of your knees and the restlessness.
Yearning to scramble away from here.

It’s that empty void in the pit of your stomach.
The dark black that permeates through your insides.
The feeling that you can’t come up for air.
Drowning in swift, sticky, wet tears.

It’s that love that rips through your heart.
The electricity that pumps hot and alive in your blood.
The itch in your capillaries that make you tremble.
A thud that moves slowly in your chest.

It’s that lump in your throat that tricks you.
The deluge of words constrained by barriers of blubbering movements.
The silence heard brought by the noise enclosed within.
Onslaughts of the wrong thoughts screamed.

It’s that sense of knowing they love you.
It carries you through in strides.
A wrenching forward into an unknown environment.
Extremities twisting apart while your head stays pieced together.

It’s all of this.